The Creative Universe of a Music Missionary  

Arts, Music, Biography
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Kobalt Productions, ARTE
Tita Von Hardenberg, Hannes Rossacher



Musician, actress, scientist, visionary, video artist, composer and music educationalist – Björk is one of the most versatile and influential artists of our time with a real avant-garde drive to tear down the limits of art genres and constantly redefines the process of creating music. For three decades she has been developing a creative universe with countless facets.

She sold more than 20 million albums. For her leading role in Lars von Trier’s “Dancer in the Dark“ she won the „Palm“ for best actress in Cannes. During the opening ceremony of the 2004 Olympic Games she covered the athletes with her gigantic dress. Like no other, Björk knows how to use the power of images and her own art persona to inspire unforgettable emotions. Her music videos are collaborations with a wide range of artists and became reference milestones in the video art world. But Björk does not only want to be creative herself: she wants to motivate her fans and pass on her knowledge. Her uniquely designed instruments and the mobile app „Biophilia“ are designed to help children and adults alike to experience music themselves. In Iceland, her home country, the app that was developed as an „ode to nature“ is used as teaching material.

To show nature connections on a global scale and transpose them to sounds and images are increasingly becoming the core motifs of Björk’s work.

In the archaic image worlds of her music videos, she illustrates cosmic and microscopical juxtapositions and connects underwater worlds with blood circulation systems. The message is clear: everything is connected. We are the products of the elements.

In November of 2015, the visionary celebrates her 50th birthday and will be honored with a large retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Björk will be involved in the curation process, adding new pieces of work to the exhibition.

Wouldn’t this be the perfect moment to sit back and enjoy one’s fame and accomplishments? Not for Björk: „This is only the beginning – the best is yet to come!“

What is driving this monumental artist? What is her vision and what is its foundation? Who really is Björk, the person?

Together with Björk herself and a diverse range of experts and companions, this film tries to answer these questions and eventually shows why the Icelandic artist is bound to re-invent herself over and over: Björk is a missionary. Probably the most creative that ever was.


Twelve years after the BBC documentary Inside Björk covering her career until then, Björk today in 2015 as she turns 50 and looks back at her career. The Museum of Modern Art in New York will honor this visionary artist with a major exhibition: Biophilia.

Musician, actress, naturalist, visionary, video artist, composer and music educator – Björk is one of the most versatile and influential artists of our time, a true avant-gardist, going beyond the boundaries of all artistic genres and constantly redefined the process of musical creation. Over three decades she has created a diverse and very unique and her own creative universe.

She sold more than 20 million albums. For the lead role in Lars von Trier’s “Dancer in the Dark” she was named best actress at Cannes. Björk sang at the 2004 opening of the Olympic Games and covered the athletes with her gigantic dress. Björk knows like no other the power of images to arouse unforgettable emotions. Her video clips developed with different artists were milestones and benchmarks of video art.

But Björk goes beyond her creative self and shares her knowledge with specially developed tools and apps. The app “Biophilia” is to enable children and adults to learn music. In Iceland, her ODE TO NATURE app is used as teaching material in schools.

Björk’s message is clear: everything is connected to everything. And we are the product of the elements.

In November 2015, this extraordinary visionary now celebrating her 50th anniversary, will be honored at the Museum of Modern Art with a major retrospective on her life and a career

Björk could now enjoy her fame but she exclaims: “Now is just the beginning! The best is yet to come.

“What drives this unique artist and what is her vision. Who is Björk?

Together with Björk and some of the people she worked and works with we will explore these questions  why the Icelandic Lady can basically do nothing other than every time to reinvent herself: Björk is a missionary. Perhaps the most creative, ever existed.


Tita von Hardenberg has been an editor for the daily programme Fenster aus Berlin. Between 1992 and 1994, she worked at the ORB’s magazine TIP TV, serving as its chief editor between 1995 and 1997.

In 1997, von Hardenberg, together with Stefan Mathieu and Michael Khano, founded the company Kobalt Productions Film und Fernseh GmbH. Her company produced the magazine format Polylux for the RBB. Apart from performing as the host for Polylux which was broadcast on Das Erste since 2001, she also made her own reports.

Between 2001 and 2003, she wrote a weekly column called Schöner leben (Better Living) for the weekly newspaper Die Zeit.

Von Hardenberg’s company also developed the political magazine Absolut (1997–2009) and the music magazine Tracks. The European magazine Yourope is also being produced by her company since 2010. In 2011, she developed the weekly culture programme zdf.kulturpalast hosted by Nina Sonnenberg and Pegah Ferydoni on ZDFkultur. Since 2012, Kobalt Productions has produced several installments of the culture show Metropolis on ARTE.

In 2011/2012, von Hardenberg produced the documentary series Kulturkrieger (Culture Warriors) with Katrin Sandmann on ZDFkultur and 3sat. Also in 2012, she produced two new live music shows, Introducing for RBB/ARTE and Berlin Live on ZDFkultur.

In 2012, von Hardenberg hosted the festive concert for the 100th anniversary of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, which led to controversial reactions.

Most recently, von Hardenberg wrote and co-directed the documentary Björk!, together with Hannes Rossacher.

Hannes Rossacher was born on October 16, 1952 in Steyr, Austria. He is a director and producer, known for Power Vision – Pop Galerie (1995), Freddie Mercury, the Untold Story (2000), Rammstein: Lichtspielhaus (2003), and Björk! – The Creative Universe of a Music Missionary (2015).