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June 20, 2017: Sallustio Pinzauti

I attended the European premiere in Bologna, wednesday last week. Took some effort, it was a hot day, actually hotter than hell… but it was worth every grain of salt on my forehead, every drop of sweat on my shirt. I’m glad I took the chance and made it, it would have been a silly loss to have missed, I can now say as an afterthought. Bill Frisell: A Portrait is a precious, deeply touching piece, told with Bill’s pals’ + bandmates’ words, which in Bologna was followed by a Q&A meeting with filmmaker and director Emma Franz that was as honest and open as the film and its main character. Hopefully it is going to projected again in Bologna at the next Bill’s gig occurrence, supposedly happening on July 5th, 2017. World needs more of this wisdom, as there’s more to learn of Bill (and from Bill) in the 2-hour film of yours, Emma, than in any of Bill’s albums, whatever their length, despite each and any of them being an important piece of the soundtrack of my life. It’s not just a portrait of Bill as the brilliant and unique composer and musician that he is; your film tells a lot about self-confidence in finding one’s own voice and fostering creativity, no matter if it’s about music, or visual arts, or performing arts, or writing, or else. Bill humbly lends himself by sharing the struggles, the question marks, the hopes and the uncertainties that have made his art what his art is. This film ain’t just for Bill’s fans, or guitar aficionados, far from it, just the opposite in facts: it makes for a useful tool in anyone’s toolbox, when searching and investigating for finding a possible way to share your message to the world. Thank you for having crafted this jewel, Emma!‬

June 15, 2017: Luigi Finelli

Un film interessantissimo che restituisce l ” immagine umana e professionale di questo maestro indiscusso della chitarra moderna. Un artista eclettico, trasversale che dovrebbe essere ascoltato non solo dai jazzofili per avere suonato nei contesti più disparati sempre con umiltà e spirito giocoso di ricerca. Un must!

June 10, 2017: Tony King

I saw “Bill Frisell, a Portrait” yesterday & it is a wonderful film!!! I loved everything about it, from the candid & fascinating interviews, to the music & editing. Sensational labor of love. Well done Emma Franz!!