(Updated September 2020)

As you may have noticed on our website, Films Transit International has changed course in 2018. After strictly having been a documentary sales agent for more than 30 years, I have decided to assume more of a consultant role rather than to bring you a full slate of new docs each season.

In 2016 and 2017 I was Head of Studies at the Documentary Campus Masterschool.

Since 2018 I have been offering documentary producers in North America and Europe international strategy consultancy.

Sales and Releases:
I will consult and sometimes exec produce a small number of great docs, sometimes take on their sales and bring them to market, but mostly I will help producers to find the right sales agent for their films, taking into account the changing markets, meaning that the online sales market is becoming more and more important.

Festivals, Workshops, Panels:
I continue to go to film festivals, although the Covid-19 situation has changed that landscape and the online part of festivals has become very important. It is difficult to predict what the fall will bring. I might go to IDFA…for 2021 all is quite uncertain.

What I like to do and what I think I am good at is so-called DE-BRIEFING.

I meet producers or talk on skype AFTER their pitch and AFTER they had their one-to-one meetings. During these talks we analyze what happened, whom they talked to, their reactions, set priorities… also talk about the film, trailer, synopsis, loglines. I have come to find that producers after these pitches and meetings are full of questions: next steps, priorities, urgencies. I know a lot of people in the doc business and I can send emails, make introductions and give recommendation.

I have been offering producers and filmmakers debriefing after their pitches at many pitch forums this year and will continue to do so online, but hopefully also ‘live’ in the coming year.

In 1982 I moved from Amsterdam to Montreal and now, some 30 years later, I live and work out of Athens, Greece. My office still is in Montreal where John Nadai takes care of business.

I’m quite active on Facebook, you can follow me there if you like. However, I don’t use Messenger, Instagram or other new media for communication.

If you like to contact me the best way is still old fashioned email:

My European phone number that I use as principal phone when not in Montreal: +31-6-5392-6555.

Hope to see you around!

Greetings and best wishes,

Jan Röfekamp