FIXED!! is tragicomic reconstruction of an obscure international football match in 2010 between the national team of Bahrein against a fake team from Togo, pretending to be their national team.

This game, a milestone in match fixing reveals how fixers trick coaches and players into rigging matches, and while the visible cheats on the field get caught, the high-level operators stay in the dark, since they have the power to determine at what level the investigation stops. A peek into the billion-dollar world of match-fixing and illegal betting.

With: The main fixer, the Austrian coaches, the Togolese trainer, The Togolese players, the Swiss specialist sports journalist, the Australian ex-investigator.



Wilson Raj Perumal (Convicted Singaporean match-fixer)
Perumal is accused on several match fixing scandals, including Asiagate in 2007–2009 and the 2008–2011 Finnish match-fixing scandal. He was first jailed for match-fixing in 1995 in Singapore. In the same year, Perumal travelled to England on behalf of a Singaporean match-fixing boss to fix two FA Cup matches. In February 2011, Perumal was arrested in Finland and later sentenced to two years in prison. He served a year in Finnish prison and was then turned over to authorities in Hungary. He is currently living in Budapest.

Wilson Raj Perumal has published his match fixing memoirs in a book titled “Kelong Kings”, written with investigative journalists Alessandro Righi and Emanuele Piano; the book was released on April 28, 2014. In the book, Perumal claims not only to have ferried Nigeria and Honduras to the final rounds of the 2010 South Africa FIFA World Cup by fixing their qualification matches, but also to have rigged competitions in the Atlanta 1996 and Beijing 2008 Olympic games. 

Bana Tchanilé (Coach Togolese ‘fake-team’)
Bana Tchanilé is a former football coach from Togo. He has been in charge of several Togolese and African clubs, as well as the Togo national football team on at least two occasions, in 2000 and in 2004. On 7 September 2010, Togo allegedly played Bahrain in a friendly losing the match 3–0. However, on 14 September, the Togo FA claimed that a fake team had played against Bahrain. On 20 September 2010, it was revealed that Tchanilé was the culprit and the Togo FA have given him a three-year ban in addition to the two-year ban he got in July 2010 for taking Togo players to play a tournament in Egypt. In 2016 Bana Tchanilé was banned for life by the FIFA due to a match fixing case in South Africa.

Chris Eaton (FIFA integrity commission)
Chris Eaton is a well-known figure in the world of sports results manipulation who is sought after worldwide for his expert opinion and feedback on program’s aimed at tackling corruption in sport. He has worked in sport integrity at FIFA and INTERPOL and is currently the Sports Integrity Director at the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS). His resignation from FIFA was a setback for the infamous Asiagate scandal as Eaton was also instrumental in the arrest of the Singaporean man at the center of the match-fixing debacle, Wilson Raj Perumal.

Patrick Oberli (Investigative journalist)
Investigative journalist from Switzerland, working for Le Matin, specialised in corruption and matchfixing in football.

Josef Hickersberger (Former national football coach)
Former national football coach of Bahrain, in function during the match Bahrain – Togo.