Ad Hoc / Per Production / Per Case Basis Consultation with Jan Rofekamp

With more than 40 years of experience in the documentary business, as an International Sales Agent and Executive Producer, I can help you strategically plan and prepare the release and distribution of your film so to optimize your success.

Over the years, we have seen a dramatic growth in the doc world and there are more filmmakers than ever before. Festivals receive more submissions year after year, thus making it difficult for your film to get the proper attention from festivals and buyers. Being better prepared and focused will make all the difference, which is where I come in.

Today, there are many issues about the interpretation of New Media deals and exclusivity. In the past, Sales Agreements were often just 1 – 2 pages long in which the standard ‘general conditions’ were usually taken for granted. Now, these contracts can be up to 15 pages and must be meticulously read and carefully negotiated.

One of my key assets is my large network of contacts around the world. Having been in this business for four decades while maintaining a great reputation, I can introduce you and your film to partners and buyers internationally. I can offer you advice that is tailored specifically towards the success of your film.

Here is what I propose:

– A vision for distribution

– Guidance with regards to legal issues or country specific issues

– Agreement templates

– Information about distributors, broadcasters and other clients

– Helping you determine a Pre-Sales Strategy while making the right connections

– Helping you with the creation of your Launch / Festival Strategy while making the right connections

– If desired, helping you find co-production partner(s)

– Advising you on PR materials like posters, trailers, selection of stills, synopsis, tag lines, bio’s, etc.

– Reading Sales Contracts, Co-Prod Contracts and other important documents

– Advising you regarding the creation of shorter TV versions

– If desired, helping you find a Sales Agent for your film and reviewing their offer

– And so much more, depending of the needs of your film’s distribution strategy

If my work as a consultant interests you, please contact me to discuss your project, completed film and objectives. If I feel strongly about your film and believe I can contribute to its success, we can draw up an agreement.

There are two possibilities:

1) We sign an agreement where you include my consultancy flat fee in the budget of your production. During a to be determined period of time I will be available as consultant to you and your production.

2) We sign an agreement for short term consults, for example regarding sales, sales agent contracts, coproduction agreements, launch advise, I can draw up specific contacts, advise you about festivals, pitch platforms, and much more.

After the consultancy period has ended we can evaluate the results and adjust our strategy as needed.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or wish to discuss your project or film.

Very best regards,

Jan Rofekamp

President & CEO Films Transit International (Montreal & Athens, Greece)
Office phone (Montreal) 1 514 844 3358
Mobile when in Canada 1 514 862 0054
Mobile when in Europe: + 31 6 5392 6555 (also whatsapp)
Skype: janrofekamp