Montreal / Athens
September, 2019

Dear All,

As you may know, after being in regular sales of documentaries since 1982, we are slowly changing course and we will spend more time on consulting producers in general and on their documentary productions specifically.

From now on you will find here a text with information on films we are consulting, films that are in full production, some them soon to be completed, when and where they will be released and who will become the sales agent.

This text will be updated every month.

In Production:

A Football Comedy
Netherlands 2019. 52’
A film by Karel van den Berg
Available November

FIXED!! is tragicomic reconstruction of an obscure international football match in 2010 between the national team of Bahrein against a fake team from Togo, pretending to be their national team. (more…)

NO HAY CAMINO (There is no Path)
A new documentary by Heddy Honigmann
…about Heddy Honigmann
Produced by Pieter van Huystee Film and TV Productions
Netherlands 2020

No Hay Camino follows legendary director Heddy Honigmann on a real and spiritual journey. Today, facing a terminal illness, she will travel to her country of birth, Peru and through Europe revisiting all the important places and moments of her life, richly illustrated with clips of her films. (more….)

A film by Nisan Katz and Nir Kafri
Israel 2020

Parkinson is a disease with no significant progress in finding a cure. But then you read about a cheap and accessible drug that no one knows about and doctors don’t prescribe. Then you want to find out why and you discover it is Big Pharma that blocks its commercialization. Here is the story of a group of patients trying to revolutionize the system. (more…)