Stig Andersen, Norway, 58′ | 90′ – In Production

munchMunch in Hell is a documentary investigating and uncovering the mistreatment Edvard Munch was exposed to. Even today – regarded as one of our most important painters in the history of art – Munch still suffers lack of deserved appreciation from his home country. Edvard Munch’s extensive writings consists of notes, letters, literary works and even drafts for an auto-biography. This brings us close to his private thoughts and his own reactions to the public scandals and municipal, bureaucratic harassments he was abused with, and increasingly so the last 30 years of his life. – And onwards… Munch in Hell will let the painter tell the story in his own words – and as he predicted: beyond the grave. The documentary will let him comment on situations, interviews and events before and after his death.

Proposal Munch in Hell


Thorkell Hardarson & Örn Marinó Arnarson, 3x 52’ – In Development

booty_in_productionBooty looks at the status of cultural treasures taken from their country of origin during colonial times. Voices demanding repatriation are getting stronger. Cultural activists demanding repatriation explain the necessity of guarding their cultural heritage in an accessible place in the home country. The turmoil in Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Syria has led to mayhem in the cultural heritage domain: looted museums and looted archeological sites. Today, to make money Islamic State is selling looting licenses to entrepreneurs and professional art thieves. Looting now takes place on industrial scale. A solution is badly needed.