Parkinson is a disease with no significant progress in finding a cure. But then you read about a cheap and accessible drug that no one knows about and doctors don’t prescribe. Then you want to find out why and you discover it is Big Pharma that blocks its commercialization. Here is the story of a group of patients trying to revolutionize the system.

In 2013, researchers discovered a cheap and accessible agent by the name of Mannitol. It improves and even solves the symptoms of the dreaded disease Parkinson. Pharmaceutical companies make huge profits by selling patent protected medication that are approved by governmental bodies often after years of expensive (and often heavily subsidized) research.

Obviously, doctors around the world only prescribe ‘approved medication’ also forced by insurance companies. When researchers wanted to proceed with human-subjects trials, the large pharmaceutical companies got wind of the research and its early conclusions. Big Pharma decided not to get involved for the simple reason that Mannitol is a cheap and accessible non patented agent and can be purchased by anyone at a low cost…. otherwise said: no possibilities for profit…. no investment in research!

At the same time, Parkinson patient Danny Vassaly stumbled on the Mannitol research and results. He was surprised to hear from researchers that a substance that could help him and millions of other patients remained in the drawer. Danny decided to form a joint venture with influential friends called “Clinic Crowd” whose goal was to find research results and solutions shelved by researchers due to profit non-viability and make them available to the public via groups, forums and social network and in doing so, revolutionize medicine / research / medication – an area controlled by pharmaceutical companies and their powerful political lobby. Their company began spreading the word on Mannitol and started to do their own research. This is their story.